Front Door Speakers

Upgrade packages – 6.5

Audio installations in Cambridge have just become ten times easier. We have come up with a few simple solutions for upgrades. These simple upgrades are solely for upgrading the front door speakers (6.5” only) to transform your in-car audio experience. We do not restrict you to these audio upgrade options, however these are options that we have found to be most popular over the years. These upgrades will be completed in 1 day and we have a fleet of loan car available upon request.

Upgrade package 1 – 6.5 component speaker – Installed prices from £265

The speakers we have chosen for this package are the Hertz Dieci DSK 165’s, these speakers are a 2 way component that have a power handling of 160 watts peak 80 watts RMS. This speaker should be surrounded by 4 sheets of Skinz sound deadening as a minimum in our opinion, so that’s what we add. Free audio consultations are available upon request. We also have a fleet of loan cars available so you are not inconvenienced in any way.

Upgrade package 2 – 6.5 component speaker – Installed prices from £485

Following on from upgrade 1, we will be doubling the sound deadening, so this installation will have 8 sheets of Skinz sound deadening. This will allow for the Hertz Mille Pro MPK 165 speakers to unleash their power. This speaker is made of a mixture of materials such as neodymium magnets and high-density flux ferrite that allow them to perform to the highest standards, far beyond other speakers in their price range. This upgrade really is a game changer and can be powered by your factory radio or via an additional Hertz amplifier to really get the most out of these speakers (recommended).

Upgrade package 3 – 6.5 component speaker – Installed prices from £685

This option is for all of those who love audio and don’t want to settle for anything but perfection. In this package, we use 12 sheets of Skins sound deadening. The speakers we recommend, to achieve that perfect audio quality, are the Hertz Mille Legend MLK 165. This outstanding set of 2-way components are a direct descendent of their award winning original predecessor. The MLK 165’s provide articulate, detailed sound with a definite bias toward musicality. Improved by new speaker cone geometry, better suspension and significant changes to the crossover and drivers, purchasers of these will love their music more than they ever thought  possible with a standard factory fitted set of speakers. During your free audio consultation, you will be introduced to our recommended amplifier from Hertz, a must if you are choosing option 3.


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