Porsche 964 Audio Upgrade

Audio in the classics are always a difficult one, it always comes does to the questions, do I want the latest technology? Do I want to comprise the classic integrity of the car?

How about this solution for your Porsche 964 Carrera 2

As you have seen in the video, this system sounds brilliant as well as completely customisable and bespoke to you. Due to the processing power of the Audison AP4.9 amplifier that we used in this system, we can make every install bespoke with our audio tuning skill set, to make the car sound perfect for you. We do recommend that you use the Audison 8.9 Bit amplifier to run the system as a completely active system would give even more power. The Audison amp is mounted in the factory location under the dash. We can mount the Audison DRC display anywhere in the car that you desire. In terms of the speakers we use the Hertz Mille Pro -MPK 165p3. This is a 2 way system that absolutely rocks. Attention to small details is key. You can opt to take the silver Mille Pro grills away and replace them with the Mille Legend darker grills which look the part in the car, as you can see in the video, the Porsche 964 audio system is in much need of replacing, the main part of this installation is that everything can be taken back to its original state. The rear speakers in the parcel shelf also get upgraded, we use the Hertz DCX 460.3, these utilise existing grill. So, the only visible part of the upgrade is the Mille Pro speaker in the door, as the tweeter also utilise the existing grill. We offer a collection and delivery service so the Porsche 964 audio specialists can work on your vehicle. This is just one system that we know sounds fantastic and also can be customised to your music taste.


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