T5 Audio Upgrades

At Cambridge Car Audio we specialise in VW T5 audio upgrades, we take these audio installations very seriously as we know that these vehicles are not only tools but places we all spend a lot of time. Therefore, a professional and high-quality audio system is essential for your T5.

The award-winning audio team at Cambridge Car Audio have put together a perfect package for your Volkswagen Transporter T5. The vehicle was built with the mind if transporting goods, and as we all know, the standard audio system is rather poor. The T5 audio upgrade that we have set up will change your world; driving to work will be an honour, that weekend drive will become a dream come true. Our customer travel from all over the UK to our state of the art facilities in Cambridgeshire, we have a vast amount of experience with audio upgrades, and even us audiophiles are impressed with this system. Our main catchment areas are Essex, London, Bishops Stortford, Huntington, Cambridge, and St Ives.

Sound treatment is an essential for the T5, as the vehicle has large expanses on wobbly metal panels, it is crucial that you go to town with sound deadening. Our recommendation for this is the Skinz Bulk Range of sound deadening as it is a more affordable option whilst still being a strong well performing material.  We can apply the Skinz Expert Bulk pack to as many panels as possible depending on budget, this could include the roof and floor panels. With this sound deadening procedure carried out, the T5 will be far quieter on the road, allowing the speakers to be enhanced even more. Skinz Wave diffuser speaker pack reduces back waves, ensuring a tighter punchy mid/bass speaker performance. Skinz wave diffuser is an ultra dense foam damping material used extensively to control acoustics in the recording studio industry.

Tweeter recommendation: The Audison VOCE AV 1.1 tweeter is a light weight Tetolon membrane that has a high-density Neodymium magnet, also this tweeter has a CCAW voice coil which is wound on a double layer. This tweeter is perfect for the audiophile that is after a product that reduces the harmonic distortion along with a natural, live, rich in detail sound. The power handling for this tweeter is Hi-pass filtered 2.0kHz at 12dB Oct. 180 W Pak Power. Obviously, the frequency response for tweeters is a good assessment measure when making your selection, and the VOCE AV 1.1 fits the bill with a 1.2k ÷ 22k Hz range.

Woofer recommendation: The Audison VOCE AV 6.5 were originated from the Thesis line components, so you already know they are impressive. We found from experience that these woofers really give the T5 what it needs to make you go wow. The depth that these woofers produce is impressive to say the least. This experience is why our customers visit us from London, Essex, Cambridgeshire, and all over the UK. If you have any questions or would like to get booked in, please call us on 01223 563030. This woofer has a power handling of 100 W continuous power and a 200 W peak power rating. The Voce woofer features an aluminium basket with a great aerodynamic structure, a cotton-fibre paper pressed cone with Light Damping treatment, a Triple Wave surround in butyl rubber and extremely light Copper Clad Aluminium Wire coils.

Amplifier recommendation: This equipment is for all of you that are serious about T5 Audio upgrades. The Audison VOCE AV 5.1k has been carefully selected as the 5 Channel amp of choice for the T5. The specs for this amp speak for the product. This product will really take your T5 to the next level of audio perfection. ( Channels 5 (A/B/C) RMS Power @14.4V @4 ohm 75×2/A + 140×2/B + 600×1/C. RMS Power @14.4V @4/4/2 ohm 75×2/A + 140×2/B + . 1000×1/C . RMS Power @14.4V @4/2/2 ohm 75×2/A + 250×2/B +  . 1000×1/C ) The two-way front speakers are driven actively which gives maximum scope for a custom set up. The Voce AV 1.1 tweeters are astonishingly accurate when paired with the class A channels of the amplifier while class AB channels drive a pair of AV 6.5 woofers mounted in the doors. The remaining 1000 Watt monoblock channel is used to fire a Hertz Energy ES 200.5 8″ subwoofer in a custom enclosure. The whole lot is controlled and shaped with an Audison bit 10, digital signal processor.

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) recommendation: Introducing the Audison Bit Ten. This is a multi-function digital processor that features analog input, which is capable of transforming your standard system to a mind blowing high performance system.  This set up is an extremely technical part of the install and this is where our sound engineers will carry out a very complicated set up procedure that will enhance all areas of the sound, including tuning the system so it is bespoke to your requirements and audio taste. DSP is the future of audio, and those who tune by ear, will even be impressed with the technology that is able to equalise sound and create different user modes. The Bit 10 is a 32 bit DSP processor that can be linked with a DRC to allow for a 2 set memory. One of the main features of this Bit Ten is the fact that it can time align the audio from all tweeters and woofers that have been installed allowing for a bespoke audio set up for you in your VW T5. If you are looking for an audio upgrade in Cambridge for your VW T5, then Cambridge Car Audio can build a custom quotation. Give us a call on 01223 563030 and book in for your free audio consultation.

Subwoofer recommendation: We have chosen the Hertz Energy ES 200.5 mounted in a Q+ S815 to provide the tight punchy bass that keeps in perfect shape. This is a 8’’ subwoofer that performs really well for its price, some of our customer have chosen to swap this for an under-seat sub which creates a more discreet fitting. This subwoofer holds a peak of 600 W with a 200 W continuous.  The remaining 1000 Watt from the monoblock channel is used to power the Hertz Energy ES 200.5 8″ subwoofer in a custom enclosure. The whole lot is controlled and shaped with an Audison bit 10, digital signal processor. At Cambridge Car Audio we can build custom enclosures and design your T5 audio system based on your style and taste.

  • Audison Voce AV 1.1 – Tweeters
  • Audison Voce AV 6.5 – 6.5″ woofers
  • Audison Voce AV 5.1K – 5-channel amplifier
  • Audison bit 10 – Digital Signal Processor
  • Hertz Energy ES 200 – 8″ Subwoofer
  • Skinz Expert Bulk Pack
  • Skinz Wave Diffuser
  • Skinz Panel Liner 10
  • Approx. Equipment Cost – £1949.92

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour)

Dependant on the audio upgrade you choose to proceed with, most installs will take 1-2 days to complete and tune, so we have free courtesy vehicles available to keep you mobile. With all audio upgrades a 3 year warranty is provided subject to T’s&C’s.

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