You are reading this because you’re disappointed with the audio system but love the car. Let’s show you how we can make you fall in love with your new audio system.

The vehicle is beautiful, so you also want the aftermarket audio upgrade for your Tesla to be beautiful too. That’s why we have perfected a range of different solutions for the Tesla range.

Even if you opted for the Ultra High Fidelity Solution over the standard system, you may still be left wanting more of the highs, more mid, and more bass, basically more of everything.

The way we work at Cambridge Car Audio is by arranging an audio consultation, so we can find out more about you and build a custom solution so its perfect for you. We don’t believe in off the shelf packages, as everyone is different and why on earth would you want the same as someone else. If you are located hundreds of miles away, not to worry. We can carry out our consultations over phone, skype, or facetime. We have a firm belief that people deal with people, so we have added a short video below to show you our bespoke premises.


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