The Audison Defender 90

We would like to introduce the stunning Land Rover Defender 90 audio upgrade that we offer at Cambridge Car Audio. We have created this system specifically for the Defender 90, and wow is it impressive. We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship and audio expertise that our team hold, so you can be sure that every system is inch perfect and custom to you. This set up is just one option that has been tried and tested, however if you are after something different, book a free audio consolation with us, so we can build you the system that you deserve. Below there is a video of the system as well as a quick guide through the install. To own an Audison Defender, all you have to do is book a free audio consolation. Then the journey begins!

Tweeter recommendation: Audison Prima AP 1

Using this tweeter allows us to build a custom audio system for you as we run this tweeter actively using the 8.9 bit amp. Thus, giving us the freedom to time align the audio in the defender to maximise the experience for you. We use the latest DSP software to create a beautiful audio experience, your defender will never sound the same again after we have completed the upgrade.

Front woofer recommendation: Audison Prima AP 5

This 32 mm pure copper mobile voice coil that is featured in this woofer creates an outstanding low frequency control level. The FEM (Finite Element Method) simulation technology is coupled alongside the Klippel R&D Scan Vibrometer technology, really does make for an impressive woofer. This woofer replaces that ones in the factory spaces in the kick well.

Rear speaker’s recommendation: Audison Prima APX 5

On this system, we power these APX 5 Prima coaxial speakers with the 8.9bit prima amp. We use the amp to power these, as it gives our team complete control of the audio, so we can customise the same product to match your taste. At Cambridge Car Audio, we buy in every product for every install, so if you wish to change any part of this system, we can.

Sub recommendation: Audison Prima APBX 10DS

What a sub! That all we have to say for this fantastic product. The Audison APBX 10DS fills the Defender 90 perfectly with a smooth bass throughout. This sub uses its high-density flux ferrite magnet and the cotton fibre pressed paper cone to maximise the power that this sub produces. If you are really into your bass, we can mount two of these in the vehicle. The sub is secured by metal brackets that are finished in a satin black (colour can be chosen upon consolation).

Amp recommendation:  Audison Prima AP8.9 bit

This extremely versatile plug and play amplifier will set your speakers free from the constraints of vehicle manufacturers sound curves. 8-channels and Bit technology in a very compact case. We mount this amp under the driver seat, so it is out of sight. Once we have completed our set up and BIT Tuned the vehicle to ensure that the system is flawless, you can sit back and enjoy. Following a lengthy and comprehensive development programme, the Audison AP8.9 Bit amplifier offers fabulous sound enhancement for multi-speaker amplified factory car audio systems. Research revealed that many car speakers are not driven with enough power to offer the control required for a car speaker system. Furthermore, distortion rapidly increases to unpleasant levels when the volume is turned up. The clean signal handling of the eight class D channels and the incredible signal processing power overcomes many of the stock issues. At Cambridge Car Audio, we are all in awe of this amp due to the control it gives us, every customer we have installed this amp for, has had nothing but a massive smile as they drive away in there custom digitally processed audio system. For all DSP audio upgrades, wherever you are in the UK, Cambridge Car Audio is the only audio company you need.

Sound deadening recommendation: Skinz

When it comes to sound deadening, you must find a company that you trust, to cover your vehicle in high quality materials as well as apply the sound deadening to the hard to reach areas. We start by completely removing all trim, seats, and lining so we can access the interior shell of the vehicle. We then clean the interior. We then begin to apply the deadening to the vehicle. We apply 2 layers in certain arears on the defender 90 due to the noise that these vehicles generate. We use 51 sheets of Skinz sound deadening on this upgrade. This process alone, typically takes 2 days for one of our team to carry out. This upgrade, can be carried out by itself, and not only enhances the audio system that is currently in the vehicle, but it really does make a difference to the road noise. This option covers from the window s down across the entire vehicle and costs £1,299. We can also add in a bonnet liner for even further engine noise reduction as well as we can apply the Skinz treatment to the headlining too.

With all of installations, pictures, throughout the install are sent to you, so you can see exactly the standard of works that are being carried out. While your vehicle is being upgraded, we offer free courtesy vehicles as well as a collection and delivery service for your vehicle. So, if you are based anywhere in the UK, do not worry, you can still use the Land Rover Defender specialists.